Friday, March 2, 2012

Old story new story...

Driving out of the neighborhood earlier this week I saw something that made me wish I wrote scary stories.  It was raining outside, thick clouds in the early evening so it was that starting to get dark feel.  There were four people all wearing dark coats holding black umbrellas standing in a semicircle around a man in a dark hooded jacket, no umbrella, who was obviously giving them some sort of instructions.  The rain, the color of the day, the dark all just screamed out that it needed to be a scene in a horror story.

The problem is I don't write horror. I always thought I would.  I tried for years to write spooky stuff.  I read a ton of Stephen King growing up and thought, THIS!  THIS IS WHAT I WILL WRITE!  Yes, I sometimes think very loudly...just ask Brent...  Anyway, I tried my hand at it a few times and it's just not really there for me. I can get a little creepy every once in awhile. Maybe even eerie.  But flat out horror?  Just have never found that voice.

But that doesn't mean I only write strictly normal things.  Sometimes the inspiration will hit and I will have a story that is just a little off.  Zombie, witches, fairies that live in the garden.  There are all there in my head.  Too many books and movies and TV shows with those sorts of characters in them for them not have found a way into the stories I tell myself.  And sometimes tell others....

So today your story time story is one I wrote for a friend for her birthday last year.  The funny thing is as I was writing this story I came to the realization that I was writing a story I needed to tell her.  Not one she needed to read.  The feel and the flow of the words were different. It was meant to be read out loud.  So I did.  Some of you saw it when I posted it for her last year, it might be new to some others of you. It's sort of cheating as far as new work goes, but know I am not so good at rule type things.  Even when I try and make them for myself.

Here you Zombie story....

Oh and for an extra added bonus treat for you this week you get a link to Stephanie's blog.  It might explain the story about the Border Crossing a little more...might.

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