Tuesday, March 27, 2012


So I am back at the point where I am leaning towards sending in some work to a publisher.  I have two children's stories that have been done for ages that are just sitting on my computer gathering electronic dust.  But here is the truth...it scares me to do it so I have a hard time taking the next step (who do I send it to?) and following through.  So I keep making excuses not to do it.

It's weird because I honestly think the stories are good.  I think they are cute, I think they work, I think they lend themselves to more stories featuring the same little girl.  But I am slightly terrified to send them out in the world and be told over and over again that they aren't good.  That nobody wants them.  I have watched friends who are authors go through this time and time again and I know how discouraged they got.

I need a shot of bravery.  But since that sort of thing has to come from inside yourself I am not sure where to find it.  Ugh.

I will let you all know when I get brave enough to put them in the mail. And then you will hear what happens next.  Because I tell you all everything...

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