Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tossing out a few ideas...

A friend of mine writes a very funny blog called Mrs. Mustache. This week she was busy and so only posted notes that she had taken that she will make into a future story. Her sense of humor and the way she views the world makes me laugh so hard I sometimes have to catch my breath. Check it out here.

But it sort of got me to thinking about my own notes. I have notes in my phone, first lines for books or just lines I want to make sure I use in a story. I have notes by the computer. Some for Totally random but...some for The World by George. Some are for games I am playing. Some are for chores I need to get done. And then there are the ones that I am sure made some sort of sense when I wrote them down but I have no idea why now. For instance in the middle of a list of ideas for The World by George I have "Billy Joel" Now I have no idea why or what it was in relation to. Since it's in the middle of the list and not to the side I have to think there was a cat joke in there someplace. Just not sure where it went.

I have a list of thing for TRB. Some of them I have done, Smells and memory, Games People Play and the Need for Gun Control. Some I haven't yet, The First Year of College, Playlists, Learning to Skate and Knit. Then there are the things I thought about writing about but the time passed or the subject never full materialized. Osama? is one note. I knew the blog I was going to write had started it in my head then a friend who writes a blog wrote one that was so similar in tone I abandoned it half formed. There are also blog idea lists here and there through these blogs. If I ever need to find an idea I just need to read back and I will find a few that I was going to write but I never did.

The way my brain works sometimes I just need to clear out the old ideas to make room for new ones. And sometimes that's as far as the idea gets. It's a note. I wonder what people would think of my life if I wasn't around to explain and they were treated with this random collection of notes from my phone and my computer:

"The last thing that went through her head was "what is that truck doing?" the last thing her head went through was the windshield"

"Winged? Keeper? Egg?"

"Opposable thumbs and litter"

"Sure you can, just don't tell me about it"

"Toilet bowl cleaner, new sponge, curling iron?"

"Kilburn and Gates LM, AGAIN"

"Billy Joel"

Yeah, I tossed Billy on there again just to see if I could jog something loose...Still nothing but I am sure it was brilliant.

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