Friday, July 6, 2018

Day Six...

So...I had a few really good days. Did the clear out notifications once when I posted a blog. Made birthday wishes through the reminder on my phone, not even going to a page to do it. Feeling a little good about my incredible will power and commitment to this diet...

Then yesterday ate a Super Sized Big Mac Meal in the parking lot of McDonald's...hypothetically.

It started out innocent enough. I got a notification when I logged on to my computer. So I looked. Then I was scrolling down my page catching up on bits of bobs of news...I miss you guys. I really do. After a long scroll of one more look and then I'm done I closed it out. But then I got a notification on my phone and before I thought about it I clicked through and opened Facebook on my phone for the first time in days. Ugh.

So today was the recomit day. But...Guys, Belgium beat Brazil and I HAD to see Nico's joy for myself. Really that was all it was...just a peek to see someone who was going to be SUPER happy about it. AND then True Facts had sent me an update to a new video so I watched that but does that even count? I mean it's really YouTube right? But then...well I had a box of donuts in the parking lot of Krispy Kreme.

Diets are not my strong suit.

Cheating on diets? Now that I'm a pro at!

So back to it. Again. But we're only 6 days in so it's okay. I'll break the habit. Or at least I will get through the month.

I'm learning a few things already though.

First off, being off Facebook does not in fact make me any less cranky about what our current White House inhabitant is doing. I'm still yelling at the TV and radio when people are stupid about what he says and does. I'm still disgusted with my fellow Americans who voted for his skanky ass. I'm still amazed at how blatant he is about his disgustingness and how THEY praise him for it. So Facebook isn't the issue here. It's not Facebook, it's me. It's like an old Malcolm in the Middle episode where the girl says, "It's not you. It's me. I've decided I can do better." It's not you, it's me. I'm disgusted by him. I wish we had done better.

Secondly, I really do miss you guys. I love my introverted way of interacting with everyone. I get to be part of your lives and not have people breathing my air. It's really pretty perfect. So after my diet is over I imagine I will not do this again. At least that's what I think at Day 6. We will see if I get past this part by day 31.

And third, it's not really freeing up a lot of time in schedule like I thought it would. What I've discovered is that Facebook was a filler. Like cleaning the bathrooms yesterday I had moments where I thought "I should check Facebook" and normally I would have. But it's not like I got the bathrooms clean in an appreciable lesser amount of time. And maybe that will change once World Cup is over and I'm not sitting on my ass watching soccer for a few hours. Maybe it's just that I've replaced one time suck with another. We will see soon on that one. But for now? It's not as you would notice.

Fourth,  I feel like my diet is going to make you all thinner. Sort of like when I go on an actual diet Brent loses weight. I think my not posting about politics and every thought that comes in my head is probably making it better for all of you. Less angry rants. In any case it's at least freeing up a spot on your feed for someone else to post. Though I am sure they are not nearly as funny as I am. I mean, really. I'm so funny.

And last, I miss my laugh emojis. Can you tell? I like to make people laugh and Brent is going to get tired on the onslaught of pent up status updates soon enough.

Okay, so there is the Day 6 update. I also have a short fiction piece bobbing in my head that I'll try and get out this weekend. It's another scene from a life thing. So don't expect any resolution. But if you read my stuff you should know that by now...


Okay, I'm going.


Diet time...

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