Sunday, May 20, 2018

Sunday Slog Fest...

Okay we are down to the last two Sunday blogs you will have to suffer.

Good news! I had an idea break through on the story I was working on yesterday so I should be able to get it written next week. Of course it completely wipes out everything I wrote yesterday but that's okay, it needed wiped out. When it's not working it's not working. But hopefully this time it will all come together.

I've got two bitches to get off my chest for the rest of this blog so it's going to be slightly ranty and completely not related.

First off, we went to go see Deadpool 2 today. It was good, not as good as the first but that's only because the first was such a surprise and those aspects weren't really a surprise this time around. But it was highly enjoyable and we really liked it.'s the bitch. The previews are going and we get one for a raunchy buddy cop movie featuring puppets. I mean RAUNCHY like if you thought Avenue Q was a little tame this is up your alley. I leaned over to Brent (talking during the previews is fine) and said something about kids wanting to see it, and he said that there were kids in the theater right now.

What? You brought your kids to a Deadpool movie? And it's not like it's the first one so you thought maybe they were kidding with R rating. Deadpool is a hard R. There is nothing in it for kids. It's just not appropriate. I've had this bitch before which is almost always met with people saying they can't afford a sitter or their kids can handle it. No and no. If you can't afford a sitter you stay home. And your kids shouldn't be handling a movie made for adults. They just shouldn't. Did you know why we get tense and our palms sweat in scary movies? Because our fight or flight reactions don't realize it's all pretend. We can rationalize it, but we still feel it. Not good for kids.

You will survive having to wait. Millions of parents before you had to practice delayed gratification while they were raising kids, you can do it too. I have faith in you.

My second bitch is people who are assholes about things that have zero to do with them. This was specifically triggered by a friend posting about Pride and some asshole she is friends with coming in with a "What about straight people?" post. Now, I don't know this guy, but from what he posted and where he went (the intolerant tolerant bullshit angle) my guess is he has zero interest in attending a Pride event and it has nothing to do with him at all. But instead of just scrolling on by he needed to make it about him.

This happens all the time. And mostly with straight white people, sad to say. They don't like Pride because it excludes them. They don't like Black Lives Matter because it excludes them. They don't like ANYTHING that isn't straight and white because it excludes them. But they don't want to say that. They want to say things like "Shouldn't we celebrate EVERYONE." or "The tolerant LEFTIST like to call names when all I'm saying is that celebrating your own culture is insulting to ME." If it has nothing to do with you then shut the fuck up. How's that? I'm not a member of the tolerant left, by the way, that's something the right invented to argue against.  I'm a member of the don't be a fucking dick brigade.

So if you see a post about a cultural event that isn't your culture and you have a genuine question, ask it. For instance, you see a post about Pride and someone is asking for people to remember that sexuality is not carried like a sign so don't assume that hetero looking couple is there to site see, they could very well be part of the LBGTQ+ community. So your question is are straight allies welcome? To which you will get an answer. Spoiler alert, it's usually yes. But don't come in with a "question" that is really just looking for an argument masked as concern trolling. "But what about straight people, are you saying that no straight people are ever welcome at Pride festivities?" See the difference? One is, "I want to support you." the other is "I want you to acknowledge ME."

So now that I think about it, my two unrelated bitches are actually related.


Don't be so fucking selfish. It's not always about you. It doesn't have to be about you. You can wait to see a movie so you don't damage your kids, you can show some respect for cultures other than your own and understand that they don't have to cater to you to be valid. You can not be rude. Don't be rude to your kids by dragging them someplace they should not be, don't be rude to people who are already facing discrimination in joint spaces and are just looking for a place to celebrate their own world.

Just stop being such a selfish, rude, asshole, mmmkay?

And again Deadpool 2, funny, enjoyable, not for kids.
Pride festivities, open to everyone but allies remember you are there as an ally don't try to make it about you.

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