Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Rambly Even For Me...

I find different things interesting than a lot of people do. I was reminded of this today on my "On This Day" feed on Facebook. Eight years ago I got a notice for a continuing education opportunity. It was going to be held in Seattle and would be a weekend so it would knock out my hours needed, plus it would count as hands on so it would knock out that requirement as well. It was fairly pricey, but it was a great opportunity. I was pretty close to signing on but I knew that I wouldn't be able to get past the smell of the formaldehyde.

Yes, it was working with cadavers. I would have gotten my very own cadaver to work on. Putting the body through movements so I could see the actual muscle movement without that bothersome skin being in the way. It would have been really cool. Except for the smell. And the skin gloves and socks. See, on cadavers used for muscle films and such they keep the skin on the hands and the feet, there are a lot of little bones without a lot of musculature to keep them in place so they keep the skin on those areas. And that squicked me out every single time in class. A fully skinned section of a human body being moved and watching all of the muscles and tendons and ligaments do their thing? Not a problem. Put some skin gloves on the hands and *shudder* nope.

I'm not like everyone else.

Watching interactions online. I have tried and tried and tried to convince myself to stay away from the comments sections on stories, but it fascinates me to watch. It also is interesting to me to see the same characters turn up over and over again. There is a man here locally that comments on every single sports team we have. And it's almost always negative. They have no heart. They don't want to win. They are lazy. Now, his profile picture is of an (at least) 350 pound man wearing a chair as much as sitting in it. And he's talking about how lazy these professional athletes are. He also threatened to sue me once for calling him a miserable grump. Though he's clearly a miserable grump.

There is a woman who comments on the local news station posts. She's a very pro-Trump poster, can turn any post in to a political one. Uses a LOT of exclamation marks and will tag others in to come support her when she posts. I count comments to see how long it takes her to come in with a libtard, cry snowflakes, MAGA!!!!!!!!!!!, post about a lost puppy. She rarely disappoints me.

Now, I can also get incredibly down when I read the public comments because there is a lot more hate than just those two out there. A lot of racism. A lot of sexism. A lot of ignorance. And willful ignorance at that. I went through a stretch where I thought about just posting, "Fuck you" to every post that was ignorant. Just because sometimes people need to be told Fuck You. But it wouldn't really be helpful so Bad Denise lost that argument. But there is still a part of me that imagines a world where the only interaction the willfully ignorant get is told Fuck You.

I'm not like everyone else.

There are a lot of times that Brent and I will hear a news story and I will comment on it and he says, "That was the takeaway for you?" Okay, no I mean I will have gotten what the gist of the news story was supposed to be, but there was a really interesting (to me) nugget in there that needs more information. It's usually the writer part of me. I want the details. I want to know why you did that thing, not just that you did that thing. And a lot of the time that little nugget piece that I want more information about becomes something bigger. It's like an alarm in my head rings and I know that piece is important. But it might not be sensational enough to be getting the coverage it needs.

I used to do forensic accounting. It was the only part of keeping books that I really loved. Looking at spreadsheets and documents and there would be this moment of...hold up, what is this? This doesn't fit here. And then I would spend time digging through back up documents to find what it really was and where it really needed to go. The puzzle needed to fit together. It's all numbers and should be boring but for me that part of the job made all the rest worth it. Reconciling messy books and making them right again. I probably should have finished my degree and worked for a company that only did that sort of work.

Like auditing Trump. How fun would that be? I mean, you'd have to understand international banking, or at least Russian banks, but it would be really interesting to see where all that money Eric said they had went. And where it came from. "We have all the funding we need out of Russia." Why is that ignored by the Trumpettes of the world? I mean sure, MAGA!!!!!!!! but really, shouldn't you wonder about that? So much Trump stuff that needs unpacked and it gets ignored because there is so much Trump stuff that needs unpacked.

I don't really have a good conclusion to this blog. Just a little navel gazing for the morning because I did this silly blog a day challenge so I  needed something for today and I have a short story brewing but I'm not sure if I am going to post it here or use it as a submission so instead you get free flow top of mind run on sentences while my head works on the details of the story in the background type blog of the day blog. 

I'm not like everyone else.

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