Wednesday, April 5, 2017


I really need to work on a fiction piece for Dana this week. It's my turn to submit and I really should be working on something. I started a couple different pieces last week but they didn't go anywhere. I have the bones of a story within a longer story I've been telling bouncing around in my head, and I'm sure that's what I am going to send her. But every time I sit down to write it out I get stuck. I can see the scene, I can hear some of the dialog. I am just missing some joining pieces and well missing the actual WORDS to TRANSLATE the VISION.

Using capital letters there to show my frustration with WORDING lately.

But I am not giving up, I will have something done by Friday. Or Sunday. One of those...even if it's not what I think I'm going to send, I will find a writing cue and send something else if I have to. BUT I REALLY WANT THIS PIECE TO FALL OUT OF MY HEAD.

And honestly? It's kind of nice that it's not the dry desert of no ideas up there block it's the how do I say this to describe what I'm seeing sort of block. Those are much more comforting. Those are the blocks that feel more like log jams, like if I get one piece to wiggle loose it will all come flooding out. The other type of blocks feel like failure. And who needs that?

Okay, Just wanted to actually get the satisfaction of seeing the black letters march across the white space so this is what you get.

Thanks for listening to me whine.

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