Saturday, April 1, 2017


Just kidding...

I'm not doing that this year.

Of all of the little writing challenges I've set up for myself that one might have been the hardest. Or I should say, the ones that are within my control. Setting up the challenge to get something published a few years ago was the absolute hardest because it was out of my control. But the things that were in my control? That one was tough. Part of it is that it's not my strength. There is a reason I always tag poems with "bad poetry." Part of it was because it's not my strength so just thinking in that way was challenging. Basically it's not my strength is what I am saying.

But it was fun in it's own way. And now it's fun to torment Skippy with the thought that I might do it again.

It was also a real creative drought last year. I was going to submit things for publishing last year as a goal (see how I've realized that the sending it in should be the goal, not the part they are in control of?) and I had to give it up when I couldn't even find the juice to put words on paper. This year has been like starting an engine that stalled. A few backfires, not real smooth action, chugging along, but words have been written. Threads have been started. It's better.

I haven't set any additional goals, I just went back and checked on my January goal posting post and I said "I'd get back to it" well it's April 1st and I haven't set a firm goal. Hmm...Let's see. I've been doing an exchange with Dana. She sees the stuff that I'm not really sure is anything just yet and I get a feel from her reaction what it is or isn't. And just sending it to someone else can tell me what I think.

There are a lot of things because of the way that I write that go no where. I write short stories. I am not a book person. I am not a novella person. I don't outline. I don't have plots sketched out. I just sit down at the keyboard and write. It's not a very disciplined way to do it, I know, but the times I've tried to be more organized and writerly the well has gone dry.

So, anyway, there is that, but it's not really a concrete goal type thing. I haven't posted a ton on the blog. That could be where I need to step up. With sabbatical this summer there will be stretches where I am away from my routine and writing for long stretches but I think I'm going to aim for 115 blogs this year. I did a complex math formula to figure that out. Don't ask. It will make your brain hurt to see how mine works.

So more blogs. Keeping up the work exchange with Dana. And no poetry month.

But there is part of me that wants to do it again. Just to mess with Skippy. I'm a writer. Making my readers cry fills me with joy...

The scream from Australia could be heard
Was it some strange tropical bird? was a giant roo
Yelling "that's not what you do!"
And for once the writer concurred...

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  1. *attempts to not laugh* as it may encourage her!