Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Work in Progress...

Today was a chore day. I KNOW! We just talked about this yesterday, but some chores I have to do on my own. Like getting the permanent crown put in. I couldn't really outsource that. And since I was out of some things I needed to hit the grocery store as well. And I really needed some things that Macy's had on a really great sale today only so I did that as well. And then...

But I did write. Not just this, I started working on a short story triggered by a writing prompt. Which made me think I might just make use of those for awhile, just to get the gears moving again, and not only moving but used to moving daily. Today was only a few paragraphs, I need to think on how I'm going to turn the story, but it was a few more paragraphs than I had this morning. I think this will be a piece that does double duty. I'll send it off for my Friday Due Date and then post it here on Saturday as well. It's most likely going to be a self contained thing so no reason why it can't be here and really no reason why it can't count for the other as well. Tricksy.

That's my thinking anyway.

Tomorrow the dryer repairman is coming, AGAIN, and I really do need to finish up sabbatical planning, but other than those things writing is the only thing on my list. Oh and the gym, of course. Though I'm not happy about the scale again...but that's a fight for another day...

Just thought I'd do a quick post here. Mainly to let you all know I am following through on the daily writing, even if it wasn't much, and partly because since it wasn't much this will make me feel like I got a little more writing done. Still being tricksy.

AND I'm going to share a dream I had last night because the image has stuck with me all day.

Years ago, before I went in to massage school I wore my nails longer. Acrylics. I stared doing them when I was in my late 20s. A woman I worked with at the car dealership ran a shop out of her home on the side and she did my nails when we lived in Albuquerque. I got used to them long (and loved it!) so I kept it up when we moved. I used to do all sorts of airbrush designs as well. Bats for Halloween, candy canes for Christmas, that sort of thing. Then when we were in Colorado Springs I found THE COLOR. Bogota Blackberry. That was that. My nails (and now my toes) never changed again. They were long, dark red, clacking on my key board nails. But once I decided to try massage therapy they had to go.

My nail beds were a wreck when I took them off so I didn't go back to them. Even though sometimes I miss them.

Apparently last night was one of those nights.

I dreamt that I put them back on. But instead of going to a shop I just pulled the old ones out of a drawer I had been storing them in and glued them back on my fingers. Worked great until I tried to put the ring finger of my right hand on and the nail was the wrong size. The tip was find but the part that covered the nail bed was too narrow. Just a stripe of red down the center of my nail. I kept trying to convince myself that no one would even notice that it wasn't whole. That the tip part (the part extending out away from the bed) was the only part that mattered. The show. Not the base. It wasn't working. I finally had to take them all off again and forget the whole thing. Which left my hands a wreck, again.

Moral of the story, you can't go back to who you were. You aren't that person anymore. I am not a long red nail person anymore. I'm a short, neat, nails, typing on a computer all day person.

At least that's what I think my subconscious was telling me.

Let's go with that.

Better than, you have fat fingers now.

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