Monday, February 6, 2017


“I’m bored…there is nothing to do anymore.”

“You’ve never been bored.”

“I know! But everyone is playing without me now. I don’t have anything to do.”

“Nothing? Really?”

“Nothing. I swear. I looked everywhere.”

“Well you can’t play here. I’m working on something important and you will just mess it up.”


Chaos hated to be bored. What was she supposed to do? Her toys had decided to play by themselves and sadly they were doing more damage than she ever could.

Maybe it was time to rest and let her sisters take over.

Once they calmed things down she could start again.

But for now she was bored.

She wished she had never taught them how to fuck things up on their own.

They were actually better at it than she ever was.

Though she was Chaos she always tried to keep things slightly orderly. Enough that people thought they could make sense of the patterns.
But there wasn’t really a pattern. Just enough order to pretend there was.
But now that they were doing her job for her….nothing but chaos. No order. No reason. No sense.

Just madness.


Would it lead to that again?

The last time things had gotten out of hand they had to wipe the slate clean and start again. They thought it would be easier with people than it had been with dinosaurs.

And at first it was…it was fun to teach them things.

But now?

Now all they remembered was how to wreck everything.

And that was no fun. Not even to her.

And she loved to wreck things.

They were no fun.

So maybe that was the answer.

Time to wipe the slate clean again.

Maybe next time they could just have fish.

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