Monday, January 2, 2017

First Lines...

Just a quick post because I'm excited.

I have first lines!

Like five of them!


So exciting.

I know it doesn't seem like much, and odds are most of them won't pan out. But I've spent the past year forcing first lines out of my head so to have them starting to form again on their own is very exciting.

So what's on the horizon?

Looks like a romance, a horror story, an exploration in unrequited love, and a story about crossed lines of communication. Hmm...when they are all strung together there it looks like it could be one story!

I'll leave you with one, the one that I have no real idea where all it goes from there but seems to be filled with a lot of potential. Some lines and scenes feel heavier in my mind that way. Like they are full of more juice. This one seems like it's full of juice. We will see...but here's a taste anyway.

She leaned in closer to the mirror and looked at the lines around her eyes. She hadn't noticed them before but they had to have been there, right? There is no way they were caused by this. She looked toward the ceiling trying to stop the tears that were forming from falling. She had cried enough already. She wasn't going to cry over a few small wrinkles that must have always been there. Must have been. That was the problem with an affair. It changed everything in an instant. Including how you felt about yourself. Now she was the type of woman who people cheated on. The fat tears began to fall again.

NOW...does she discover she's a vengeance seeker? Does she open a bed and breakfast on the coast and meet a handsome sailor who changes everything? Does she discover late in life that she was meant to be on her own? Does he come crawling back to her only to discover the locks have been changed and she went back to her maiden name??  I DON'T KNOW! But it's just very exciting that she's here with me now.

Wish us both luck. Or all of us, because she has a lot of company up there right now and I'm not sure who all is making it out alive. Oh, 2017, please stay brimming with ideas!

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