Monday, November 14, 2016

I see you...

Since the results of the election were known the media (social, mainstream, specialty only you believe this boutiques) have all been unified in saying that we failed to See the Trump voter. That we isolated ourselves from their real and true concerns and this is why Clinton lost.

Put aside the fact that in looking at actual voter numbers and turnout Clinton lost because people who voted democrat in the past stayed home. Trump didn't actually get more votes than his republican predecessors, he got fewer total votes than Romney, in fact, and there was no hand wringing over how we needed to See the Romney supporters. Set aside the fact that Clinton lost in key areas because of that lower turnout, but still won the popular vote. The majority of the people voted for Clinton. But we need to See the Trump voters.

Okay. I see you.

In fact I might see you more than you like.

I see you when you like Facebook posts and comment on them. If your friend has their post set to friends of friends or public I see that. It shows up in my feed. So I see you. More than you know.

I see you posting that you prayed for a Trump victory. The same Trump that you called ungodly just a few months earlier. The same one you chastised for not being a "true Christian" when Carson and Cruz were still in the race. Now granted, I left the church years ago (not in small part due to shit like this) but I don't remember the part where God gave a fig about our politics. Weren't you just posting memes about not caring who sat in the White House because God sat on the throne? Oh wait, that was when you thought Trump was going to lose. Yeah, I saw that too.

I see you wringing your hands and being completely upset over protests. I see you remained silent when Joe Walsh (the former congressman, not the Eagle) called for armed insurrection if Trump lost. In fact you didn't really say much when Trump himself said he would only accept the results of the election if he won. But I see you now calling for the babies to quit their whining about the fair results of the election. Only losers who want a trophy for everything contest such things...Though I saw you voted for a man who not only contested the results of the last two elections but the very Americanism of the man who won. I saw that too.

I see that we are not to question if you are a racist because obviously you are not. How could you be? Haven't you been calling out Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton for race baiting for years? But I see you are silent on the appointment of a White Supremacist to Chief Strategist for Trump. I see that.

I see you posting how thrilled you are that a woman of "real class" will now be the First Lady. Yet you were, again, silent when people called our current First Lady "Moochelle." Or worse. Our current First Lady who is an accomplished woman in her own right who has made kids and Veterans her causes while in the White House. Who has handled herself so beautifully and so graciously, that the first big speech our next First Lady made was cribbed from one of Michelle's. I see that you equate class with something other than I do and I have to wonder if it's just skin tone. Because otherwise I don't see how you could think one was classier than the other. Now see me for a minute, I don't have a problem with our next First Lady and I do not agree with anyone who tries to slut shame her for posing nude. It's her body and she gets to decide what to do with it. Just don't talk to me about class when what you mean is white.

I see you not understanding why people are worried about the next four years and how they could lose newly gained rights. I see you posting links to articles where Trump says gay marriage is fine, and the settled law of the land because that's what the supreme court decided. But I also see that he is going to appoint people to the supreme court that will work to overturn settled law of the land that has been in place for 40 years, not 2. And I see that our Vice President Elect believes in conversion therapy (shock the gay out of your system) and religious freedom laws (pray in the discrimination) I see you don't have anything to say about that. I also see you slamming people for being worried about the next four years when you are the proud owner of 4 new guns and more ammo than you will use in a lifetime because you were pretty sure Obama was coming for them. I see you.

I see you now liking and sharing posts about Trump when a month ago you were deeply insulted at his casual banter about sexual assault. I see that you now refer to it as salty language or vulgar talk. Pussy. Cunt. Fuckface. Asswipe. Douchcanoe. I can go on, and many of you have seen me do it. That's salty, vulgar talk which I use pretty fucking constantly...I just grab them and start kissing, I grab them by the pussy and you can get away with it too...the word pussy isn't the offensive part in there. Something you knew a month ago but somehow forgot. I guess the republican party just grabbed you by the pussy until you voted for Trump and they got away with it too.

I see you posting that your only reason for voting for Trump was his new found anti-abortion stance. Your. Only. Reason. I see that you trust him to take away this settled law while ignoring other issues of settled law. And that your deep concern over the unborn did not lend itself to deep concern over those already born and living in this world. The refugees seeking safety, for instance. If only they hadn't been born yet, they might have fallen in to your reason for voting. I see that's what only reason means. Do you?

I see you blasting the left wing Hollywood elite. While voting in a reality TV star (and after voting in an actor in the 80s) and sharing Mike Rowe's EPIC TAKE DOWN OF HILLARY SUPPORTERS! I see that your problem isn't with celebrities sharing their political views, it's with celebrities not sharing yours.

I see that you are unhappy with your economic situation and that you voted for him to bring back manufacturing jobs. While he wore clothes made in China, after hiring undocumented workers and using cheaper Chinese steel to build his buildings. I see that republicans are pro business, anti regulations but somehow he is going to regulate and tax businesses back in to manufacturing products here. I see that you believe this but I am having a hard time understanding how both things can be true. Less and more regulation.

I see that you are in favor of a wall. I see that you want to keep our borders secure. That the undocumented immigrants are ruining our country. But the largest increase of undocumented immigrants (or illegal aliens if you are having a hard time following) entering the country right now actually come from Asian countries and just overstay their visas. So why do you think Trump focused on a Wall between the US and Mexico and not on the real issue?

And I see you on my own feed. Liking my posts when I call out the bullshit on the left and ignoring or arguing with me when I call out the bullshit on the right. All the while trying to say you didn't vote for Trump just because of that R. Okay...

So the media wants me to see you. To understand your frustrations. To acknowledge your hurt. Okay. I see you. I've seen you all along. I just don't think you realized how much I've seen. And now you should know that I will keep watching. It's up to you to show me something different.

Friday, November 4, 2016


Had she already missed the turn? She slowed down even more trying to get her bearings. The fog was so thick this morning it made the world unfamiliar. Her normal 15 minute drive had taken 30 so far and she wasn't really sure if she was still on the right road. None of the landmarks she used to guide her way were visible. Was the last street light 38th street or 47th? Was she close to the turn or had she passed it? She peered out at the road again hoping for a glimpse of something familiar.

Oncoming cars appeared out of nowhere. Small pinpricks of haloed light showing for just an instance before the car passed on the other side of the road. She checked the dashboard again to make sure her fog lights were on. She reached over and turned down the radio even more and kept looking ahead. Trying to concentrate on the cotton ball she was driving through. She didn't dare slow down any more than she already had worried that cars behind her wouldn't notice until it was too late.

Was that a neon glow ahead? She strained to see if it was the blue of the new Lebanese restaurant's sign. Yes, it looked like it. This was right. She was still a few blocks from her turn. She hadn't missed it. She kept going.

The only way out of the fog was through it.

She smiled to herself. Yes. The only way out is through.

Her thumb automatically caressed the empty spot on her left finger. The past year had been all about making it through. And she had. You reach a point where you are as miserable as you can get. Where you have cried as much as you can. Where the hurt is all there is. And then you have two choices. You stop there. Frozen forever. Miserable. Or you keep going. Slowly, sure. Making sure you look for signs that you are on the right road. But you keep going. Protecting yourself so you don't get hit out of the blue. But you keep going. And eventually you make it out.

She had kept going.

She waited at the muted stoplight to turn. Her destination now feet away. The glow of the lights in the parking lot a beacon to guide her in.

The only way out is through.



But she had made it safely through the fog.