Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Okay so September is almost over and I haven't posted a single blog this month. This cannot stand so today you get a "I need a post, post."

I have written a few things this month, just nothing for here. I also worked on editing a short story to submit for publication. Even though I've pretty much accepted the fact that my sort of melt down completely precludes me from getting those 6 items in this year, there is still a part of me that's saying there are 4 well now 3 months left to get it done. I could totally do it. Maybe. But if I don't then I don't.

Looking at the rest of the year I need to handle a few things. Getting the remodel started. I am at a standstill right now and just need to make a decision. There are two companies in contention, a big one and a small one. The labor costs are less with the small one so I could get all of the work done. The hand holding would be greater with the big one but I would have to ditch redoing the downstairs bath. I am also looking at timing and the smaller company cannot start until later, but that's not that big of a deal because I also need to:

Paint the living room
Replace the carpet upstairs
Fix the fireplace
Sell or donate a bunch of older stuff
Set up the guest bedroom (furniture/decorating/paint)
Decide what to do with the boot room and the room of requirement
Buy a new dining room table
Decide on a grill and/or plants for outside
Figure out Sabbatical plans

I have a lot to do to keep me busy and still keep the house projects moving along.

I also need to get back in to a workout routine. I've had a really hard time getting back to the five days a week at least an hour a day where I was. Why is it so hard to keep up the routine and so easy to drop it? I think I am just going to restart my program from last year, paying extra close attention to if or when my shoulder acts up so I can switch it up before anything bad happens. And I think I have decided to change the way Brent and I are eating. We will see how that goes, but I won't start that until after we get back from Michigan this weekend because...Dimo's.

So October looks to be busy and the months that follow aren't going to lighten up at all until Spring and maybe not until next year this time.

All of that assuming that November doesn't leave me scrambling for an ex-pat situation!

Seriously...that can't really happen can it??