Tuesday, January 26, 2016



January isn't a very creative month for me. Unless I set a goal to write everyday (2014) or a ridiculously high year goal (2015) I just can't seem to get it going in January.

I've got one story going right now but I have it set up as a bar story and I don't think it is a bar story, I think it's just two people talking so I need to blow it all up and start again. I've got a poem in my head started but no finish and no clear pattern. And I've got a lot A LOT of political and social angst going that I just don't even want to deal with.

But what I don't have is a lot of production.

And looking back that seems pretty typical.

So then I started thinking, what is it about January that leads to the doldrums? Holiday hangover? Weather blahs? Feeling like with the whole year ahead why rush in to things? All of my goodwill toward men used up in December?

That might be it. Though, honestly, I didn't muster up a huge contingent of goodwill in December this year either. People are on my last nerve lately and as it's my last nerve it's really getting crowded!

So instead for the past two days I've posted old fiction pieces I've done. Both in January of years past. Just to remind myself that I can do it. I really can. I just need to figure it out again. Pull that part of my brain out of it's funk and get it moving.

And go...

And GO...


Maybe tomorrow...

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