Friday, November 6, 2015

Second Chances....

The bride wore white. Not because she was a virgin, the first marriage and the three kids should have tipped anyone off to that. But because she looked good in white. And she liked that white seemed clean. A fresh start. A second chance.

The groom was nervous. Not because he’s never done this before, but because he had. The first marriage, the two kids of his own, the messy divorce. He knew exactly how this could end. So he was very nervous.

They had walked down an aisle like this one before. They had sent the invitations. They had cut the cake. They had raised the glasses in toasts. They had done this before.

But not really.

Because before it wasn’t them. It was someone else. To someone else. The path changes you. Those walks down the aisle made them in to different people.

And now those different people were the ones here. In white. Nervous. Knowing how it all could end. But doing it anyway. Because love.

Love conquers all.

Except when it doesn’t.

Those first trips down those first aisles. They were done in love.

There was love.

Until there wasn’t.

But here was love again. New adventures. New people. A new aisle. Love doesn’t conquer all. They knew that now. But they were brave enough to try again.

Love and bravery. It’s what you wear to a second wedding. You know that the first could fade, could change, could go sour, so you put on the second. And you try again.

Because this time love and bravery could make all the difference in the world.



These aren’t as sexy and flowers and hearts. They aren’t as innocent as first loves. Untested loves. Loves that don’t know what could happen.

But knowing what could happen? Knowing the world might not be kind to their new love? And then doing it anyway.

This makes them stronger loves. Bravery. Love. Courage. Strength. These are bonds.

Knowing that you could lose it all makes fighting for it now all that much sweeter.

Love and marriage.

Strength and courage.

Bravery and fresh starts.


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