Saturday, September 12, 2015

Practical Magic Notes (#3)

Okay, so that brings us to the end of the first part of the story. Which was all really just backstory. I know, right?

The next part will bring us all the way back to that very first scene I wrote with Aska and Deidre while Deidre was getting ready to go to work. And the story I thought about telling at the start.

I know I skipped the nitty gritty of the capture. I can't decide if I need to write that or just leave it the way it is in the story of the trial. And does that work at all? I like the idea of the right of choosing so much that I wrote that whole section just to get to it. Which makes me think that I probably should have left that whole section out. like I said, this is actually where the story I set out to tell starts. And the first thing you will notice is that a lot of what I write here I wrote about in the parts you just read as well. What I will need to figure out is how do these pieces blend? Where do they blend? Should they blend?

So you won't be imagining it when the whole tone and style of this story seems to shift. It did. I wrote it all out of order. I added and subtracted and restructured so many times I have no idea what's coming next and I wrote the damn thing!

So buckle doesn't get smoother...

Thanks again for reading all of this. Thanks again for all of the help. Thanks for listening to these rantings as well. You will see as we get deeper in to this next section where the feeling of "well this is shit actually" took over and I gave up. Hopefully this process will get me past that part and back to putting it all together again.

The next section should publish right after this one (time delay magic) so let me know what you think.

Thanks again.
And again.

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