Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Okay, so here's the deal...I've had a flurry of creative energy this morning and I have 6 (?) posts ready to go. BUT instead of posting them all right now I am going to parcel them out while I am travelling over the next few days.

So here is what is coming....

This afternoon will be another smallish segment of Practical Magic. This actually goes with what I posted yesterday but somehow got cut off from that posting so it gets to stand alone. Which ended up working with that section anyway, so that was nice.

Tomorrow you get a new bar people story! These are definitely bar people but they are different bar people than we normally chat with. But friends in a bar talking about life and how baffling our choices can be sometimes.

Friday you get a fan fiction poem! I know, right? Not everyone can combine two reviled forms of writing in to one neat and tidy package, but I did it. I just finished A Hypnotist's Love Story by Liane Moriarty. It was my least favorite of all of her books, but I still liked it. She does characters so well. And when one of the characters is a stalker and you still end up with sympathy for them? Well that's a well written character. This poem formed while I was thinking about her. So it's a fan fiction poem. Ta Da!

Friday later in the day you get another piece of Practical Magic. I know! Two posts! Well technically you are getting two posts today as well so I guess that sort of takes the shine off of it...but...anyway...another slice of PM Pie!

Saturday you get a short Practical Magic Notes post and another Practical Magic piece. Again with the double posting! You all are so spoiled...

But that is what's coming. Now the tricky part...

Since they are scheduled to post at certain times I have no links to put in the Totally Random But...Facebook posts that I am also scheduling to post as reminders to come look. So the reminders will just have a link to the main website which will then hopefully open to the most recent posting.

HOWEVER...since I know that you might end up with some out of order or just not there at all this is the posting schedule for your edification....

Practical Magic: The Longest Year 2 (Practical Magic #7) 9/9 @ 2 PM
New Bar 9/10 5 PM (you can't really go to the bar earlier than that, people will talk)
Paths 9/11 10:12 AM
Practical Magic: Shakel Stories (Practical Magic #8) 9/11 2:00 PM
Practical Magic Notes (#3) 9/12 12:18 PM
Practical Magic: Present Day (Practical Magic #9) 9/12 12:30 PM

And then on Sunday we will rest...

Have a great weekend everyone! And GO BLUE!

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