Saturday, August 15, 2015

Shooting stars...

She pointed to the streak of fire in the sky,
"Make a wish!"
He watched the light arc and flare then disappear..
"Did you make one?"

He smiled.
"I wish on the moon, not on the stars."
She shook her head,
"You aren't supposed to wish on the moon."

"Stars flare and fade, the moon is constant.
The moon pulls the tides toward the shore.
The moon is a constant.
I wish on the moon."

She smirked,
"It's not constant, 
It waxes and wanes.
It's there and gone."

He shook his head, 
"Even when we think it's not there,
It is always there.
Just dark or light."

"The moon has no light of its own.
It just reflects the sun.
A star is its own source of heat,
Of light. Wish on a star."

"Now you understand.
Stars don't need our wishes, 
they burn on their own.
Until they burn out.

When we wish on the moon
It gets our wish and gives our wish
Wax and wane.
Tides roll in and roll out."

She leaned back on the grass 
and looked in to the dark night sky.
Another flare lit the sky.
She watched the arc of fire.

He asked,
"Did you make a wish?"
She smiled and took his hand.
"I wish on the moon."

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