Monday, July 13, 2015


Before I got in to the shower today I was distracted by something in the mirror. It was a muscle. A muscle I have never seen before. Well, that's not accurate, I've seen it before. On other people just not on me. External oblique. Only on the right side, the left didn't stand out no matter how much I twisted. Which had to have looked ridiculous but I still tried. But on the right side? When I turned and bent? There was a muscle.

Thank god.

As you all know I've been more than a little frustrated with the lack of progress in my new plan. But that one muscle? The one I've never seen before? That will keep me going for the next 6 weeks. It means what I am doing is working. That there are changes being made. That I am getting stronger. That I am growing. It's enough to push me along. It's not a huge muscle. It's not one anyone else would ever notice (and not just because I don't bare my stomach to people much) but it's my muscle. It's my mark of progress.

Sometimes that's all we need. Some little bit of proof to let us know we are on the right track. To keep us going. It doesn't have to be much. Just something.

A few weeks ago when I told the story about the two wandering children in Target to Brent he said something to me that he does every so often, "You are a really good person." It's a pretty simple sentence and usually it's said after I've done something that, to me, seems like a fairly obvious thing to do. Once it was because I made sure to talk to some fans of the opposing team at a hockey game so they knew that we were glad they were there supporting their players. Once it was for standing up for someone who couldn't stand up for themselves. Once it was for listening patiently to a confused old woman who just wanted to talk. There are other times as well, but as you can see none of them are really big deals, just things you do. But he tells me, "You are a really good person." It makes me feel really good. It reminds me to keep doing what I do. That it's important, even if it's small.

Last night I posted a quick rant and a quick free verse about something that has been making me crazy lately. This morning I had comments on the post including one from someone who isn't even a normal reader of my stuff. Yay! Positive feedback for a simple post! That keeps me going. It means that there are people out there reading my stuff. That I'm not writing in a vacuum. You all keep me going.

We need things like that in life. Little atta girls. Little gold stars. Dots on a fitness tracker. Likes on a post. Muscles on your abs. A smaller notch in your belt. A smile from someone who loves you.

And a thank you from a wacky writer who really appreciates that you take the time to read her stuff. It's small, but it makes a big difference to me in my day. Thank you.

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