Saturday, June 6, 2015


We are at a few crossroads right now. Trying to decide on things are BIG (in our world at least) decisions to make and wanting different things fairly equally. It makes making a choice really hard.

When George died I said I was waiting a year before I would get another pet. Well, this week is a year. I still miss that little shit head very much, but it's not like when Sampson died and we got George and Gracie right away. I wasn't ready for them. As cute as they were, they weren't Sampson. Now if we got a new pet they wouldn't be a replacement. They would be a pet.

Out walking this morning in Washington Park and we passed quite a few people and their dogs. Portland is a big dog town. Not that the dogs are big, though some are, but that we have a lot of dogs. And a lot of dog friendly places. To the point that people are truly insulted if they can't bring their dog in to your store or restaurant. Dogs are important out here. And truly both Brent and I love dogs. I always had dogs growing up. And we've talked about getting one now that we (I) have time to really give to taking care of one. And with my new dot obsession (Misfit Shine) taking the dog for a walk absolutely guarantees dots on the weekend.

And of course I love cats. I think personality wise you just can't go wrong with a cat. They always have an interesting one. And it can change multiple times in one day. They want attention when they want it. They want to be left the fuck alone with they don't. Yes, I totally understand there is a reason I am drawn to cats, but we don't usually say it out loud.

So anyway, we are at a year now. Do we get another pet? Or two? Maybe a dog and a cat this time? Get them both young so they can be friendly instead of hate each other. And here is the big confession. I really like not having pets. There is no litter to scoop. No poop to pick up. No vomit to scrub. No vet trips or vet bills. No impatient feed me nudges on weekend mornings (well Brent still gets them but at least it's just me and not a whole menagerie). It's really kind of nice. The house stays cleaner. We can spend the day or the night away from the house and not have to worry. And when we go away for a weekend or longer there is no pet sitting to have to arrange. It's really been kind of sweet.

So I say no pets. Not right now.

Then I see a picture of a kitten. Or a new puppy out learning to walk on its leash. Or an older dog sitting in the shade while their owner drinks coffee and I would be nice to have a pet again. They are such good companions. Really good motivators to get out and do stuff. We should totally head to the pound today.

And then there is the house. Yes, I know. We have made the final decision on the house at least a hundred times. Today out hiking we passed along the edges of the houses built in the middle of Washington Park. Brent asked if I wanted to walk through the neighborhood and see if anything was available. I just laughed. There is nothing in there we could afford. They are gorgeous though. And set in the woods. Just perfect. And when I cook in this kitchen and have no exhaust fan so my whole house ends up smelling like smoked meat it drives me crazy. So those things make me think, we have to move! And I know Brent really wants a place with outdoor space. And out of this neighborhood. And he wants the kitchen vent as well, so he doesn't have to listen to me bitch anymore. So we just have to move.

But then we look. And to find someplace ready to move in to that we want we are looking at about 2.5- 3x what our place is right now. So maybe we buy someplace cheaper and do a big remodel. Great idea. But then the base is more than what we owe now and we have to add the remodel costs to that. So our monthly nut is going to be much higher. And is that really what I want to spend our money on? I mean we are at the point now where a weekend trip down to California just to see friends get married was within our grasp. As well as a trip back to NM. And a trip to Austin. And a possible weekend in Memphis. And a few trips back to Michigan. And hockey tickets, and BAA tickets, and football I want to start cutting back on those things just to have a few things in the house I don't have now? So we absolutely don't want to move.

So that's where we are. We are for sure moving and getting a dog and a cat and staying put with no pets so we are free to travel on a whim.

Also, don't bother asking your husband what you should blog about when you are stuck for ideas. His response won't surprise you, but it won't be as helpful as he thinks it is....

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