Thursday, June 11, 2015

Break out...

So I've been watching a few stories about the prison break in New York. There is speculation that a woman who worked in the prison tailor shop had a relationship with one of the prisoners and helped them in their escape.

What makes you look at a convicted murderer and think, yeah this is a good catch? Some of the stories say that he was an attractive man and very charming. I've seen the mugshots so I'm going to have to disagree on the attractive. And as a con I would guess there is a pretty good shot he was charming. A lot of really horrible people can be. It helps you get away with things if you are charming. There was also a rumor that he is very well endowed and that's why. I have a more difficult time believing that one than the charming. Being impressed by a big dick is really a guy thing. Sorry, but it just is. Most women really do subscribe to the it's not the size of the pencil but how you write your name theory of penis sizes.

But for me when I heard the stories though I thought, how lonely was she? I mean that has to be it right? How lonely was she that he was able to charm her like that? To convince her to help them break out of prison? She ended up having a little nervous breakdown over it and missed the final piece which was the get away car, but she most likely got them the tools and every thing else they needed to get out. So she was on board there for awhile. With no one in her life to tell her what a bad idea it was. No one to give her that piece that was missing so he was able to slide right in and convince her that this was a good idea. How lonely do you have to be for that to happen? (follow all of that with an allegedly, who knows maybe she didn't have anything to do with it at all and the prison is just scapegoating her because they left power tools lying around unsupervised)

I don't really have more for this blog. Just that thought. How awful to be that lonely.

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