Thursday, February 12, 2015

Food for the Soul (part 2)....

Who knew something so simple as answering "Nothing" would start the ball rolling on an entire article written about how much she hated Valentine's Day. And who knew so many people would take it so personally. 

"Five years ago The Insider wrote about your restaurant and how you would be the only place in town not celebrating Valentine's Day. This in turn made you the go to place for the Anti-Valentine crowd. So would you say that your stance on hating love has made you a sort of anti-hero for the ages?"

Cassidy laughed, "It seems like you already have your story written. Why are you bothering talking to me at all?"

"Well I had to do something while your staff was freezing me out. I asked around. Re-read all of the previous interviews and articles. But honestly, I thought it would be nice to get it straight from you." Sam flipped through his notebook, "'Cassidy's Place won't be the place for star crossed lovers this Valentine's Day if owner Cassidy Paisley has anything to do with it.' That was the lead for the original article that put you on the map. 'Valentine's Day is basically a scam.' That was a quote from you right?"

"Yes it was. And I stand by that. And what I said before and after that. The parts that didn't make it in to that article. And the parts that would ruin your pre-written paragon of journalistic integrity piece as well. So I will leave you to it, and because I'm a swell gal I won't even hold you to paying my tab." Cassidy waved Gary over to settle up and leave.

"Fiesty Cassidy Paisley stands by her Valentine hating ways, that works, thanks!" Sam collected his things and left the bar.

As Gary headed over toward Cassidy he was intercepted by another customer, "I'd like to pay her tab, that is if the offer for an interview is still open? And I'll take those remaining," he looked at his watch, "Nineteen minutes if you are still up for a chat?"

"You'd understand if I said no right?" 

"Absolutely. But I can guarantee you that I don't have a preset agenda. I will actually have to go back and research everything I overheard because I'm not familiar with the story at all. But what I did hear seems like it might make an interesting piece.  And as I'm now working for The Insider I think we have a good line on a follow up." He held his hand out to Cassidy, "Franklin Roth, how do you do?"

"Cassidy Paisley. And I'm sorry but I have no desire to speak to anyone from The Insider ever again. And as of tonight no one from The Gazette either."

"I can see that, it seems as though you were misquoted before. Is that what I heard? How about I make you a spectacular deal. You get to read my piece before I submit it to my editor, if you think it's a misrepresentation of facts you get to kill the story."

"I can read it before you send it to your editor, I give you approval to run the story and then she cuts and pastes my quotes in to something else entirely and you run the whole thing as the authorized story? Is that the deal?"

Franklin laughed, "Well, that's a really good and tricky idea but no. I tell you what, I'm going to leave you my card and you take a day to research me and then get back to me. I think what you will see is, and I know this sounds like bragging, but that's only because it is, I am not someone who has their stories reworked by editors. And just as a show of good faith, I'll still pay your tab."

After settling up with Franklin Gary came down the bar to talk with Cassidy.

"You know in a romance novel you and Sam would have hit it off and ended up running the world's most romantic restaurant right? Instead you end up piquing the interest of Franklin Roth. Only you."

"Wait, you know who he is?"

Gary laughed, "Only you wouldn't." he pulled is phone out and did a quick search before handing it over to Cassidy.

"Pulitzer prize winner Franklin Roth takes the reigns of The Insider. What does this mean for the competition?" 

"Oh, so he's the real deal?"

"The realest." Gary took his phone back, "So what are you going to do?"

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