Thursday, January 1, 2015


Okay, this is a quick one. Lots more football to watch today and junk food that isn't going to eat itself. Although if I waste too much time in here writing I bet that somehow it will get eaten all the same!

So we've established that this will not be a year of no goals, and it will not be a year of all the goals, but it will be a year of a lot of things. I decided today to go back to doing the Picture of the Day. I hadn't really thought I missed it until a friend posted that she was going to do it. I saw that list and it wormed its way in to my brain pretty damn quickly. So that's back on. So that was added to the list of first gold star goals.

Here is the quick list, more to come later, as there always is.

POD- We just talked about this, aren't you paying attention? Oh wait...yeah, so it's on the list. And as is my way it's not just the picture but what it means to me. Prompts can be interpreted widely and wildly.

Weight/fitness- The first goal is to lose 10 pounds by the end of March. I will be mixing in different things to make that happen. Continuing with my gym time. Tracking what I eat. Stepping up weekend activity. But the main goal is dropping those 10 pounds. My knees will provide the gold star for that one I am sure!

Cooking- Three times a week with Blue Star at least one other meal on my own. That works with the hockey schedule. Once the season ends I will re-evaluate that one and add more home meals I am sure.

Books- My gimme gold star is not as big of a gimme this year. I'm putting it at a fairly high (for me) 85 books this year. That's more than I've done the past two years but I think it's well within my grasp.

Blogs- 180 for the year. Higher than last year, but not as high as the stretch goal from last year. That one still seems like a stretch. So I will keep that 200 in the back of my head.

And now you know why you got a shorty blog today.

Totally counts.

Happy New Year, everyone! Start working towards your own gold stars!

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