Saturday, January 3, 2015

Fresh starts...

Beginnings are always hard. I have my lofty year long goals set for 2015 and right now they seem pretty far out there. What was I thinking yesterday? I must have been overdosing on sugar and salt. It all seemed so very reasonable at the time. But right now staring at a giant number 1 for blogs written in 2015 that 180 seems a bit lofty. Ten percent through a book makes that 85 books look a bit insane. And the scale this morning? Well let's just say that it makes 10 pounds seem out of reach, and possibly too small of a first goal to boot.

But that's beginnings. I know that once I get rolling it will be better. There will be a point where I will look and see I am half way there. Or three quarters of the way there. Or even almost done. It won't happen for awhile, but I know it will come. It always does. Sometimes there has to be a writing frenzy or reading marathon to make it happen, but it will happen.

And that's the part that I always have to keep in mind. And any of you working towards goals do as well. The numbers will come. Set those smaller goals. For instance, I want to write 180 blogs in 2015, not 180 blogs in January. If I write 15 blogs in January I will be right on pace. Same with the books. I know right now I am not reading as much as normal. Football and World Junior Hockey to watch and C is home so I am doing things with him.


And that's as far as I got yesterday on writing when I thought, "Wait what time does the game start?" and realized it was on in 10 minutes so the blog got put aside. And then there was banana bread to make (the diet doesn't start until Monday) and then C and I were listening to the BBC radio play of Good Omens so we finished that out yesterday afternoon. And then there was a gift to wrap and a written piece to edit for friend's baby shower today. And, well, last night as I got ready for bed I told Brent, "Oh, oops! I never went back and finished my blog."

Because that's the thing that also happens with goals and beginnings. We tend to forget all of the times that our lives interfere with our plans. I talked about it when I talked about goals in general. We forget who we are. But not only that we forget that life keeps going on around us. So sure we might have planned to hit the gym first thing Monday morning but then the car needed service so instead we were at the dealership first thing Monday morning. Or you were planning on making a week's worth of healthy meals on Sunday but you woke up with a fever and a sore throat so that didn't happen. It's okay. You can do it all later.

Fresh starts. They come each day. You didn't do what you thought you would yesterday? Well that's okay, you have today to start again. And each day after that. And each time you start you get a bit farther. So then eventually you look back a few months and see that the impossible sounding goal is actually almost reached. That your year long big deal oh my god what the hell could I have been thinking I'll never reach this goal is halfway done. And that you've added, dropped, changed and adjusted, goals as you have realized what is working.

Fresh starts. They are wonderful things.

Even if they are a little scary.

And now I need to shower before the shower so I am off again. But this time with a blog ready to actually post. Twice as many in 2015 as I had just two days ago! Look at me roll!

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