Friday, October 31, 2014

And that's a wrap...

Last year at this time I was starting to really stress out about the challenge I had set up for myself for November. This year I am breathing a sigh of relief at finishing October's challenge.  Thirty one blogs in 31 days. Originally I thought it was going to be even harder. I had two trips planned with a total of 7 days out of town. So a lot of make up work to do and double blog days. But then the second trip fell through so I was on easy street. Except for the constant colds. When I am sick I do not want to write. And I was sick all month.

But I wrote anyway.

Now what did that teach me? Well that when I'm sick and I write anyway I tend to write a little darker. Yesterday's combination of TBT blog and current blog showed that. Essentially it was the same blog (I am only slightly embarrassed by that) written two years apart. One written when I was in my regular state of mind and one written after weeks of being sick. The second is grouchy. Shockingly so when you read them back to back. But that's okay. A little grouchy is okay.

I also know that when I force myself to publish something every day the content is uneven. Some days I write well and some days well, I write. And I actually kind of like that. I think seeing how bad I can be makes you appreciate when I do a good piece. You know how lucky you are. (I need an emoticon here so you can tell I was just kidding)

It's also a much more varied month when I am churning out that many pieces. You got mundane non-fiction, ranty non-fiction, a variety of fiction short tales and even a poem. Not a bad month for variety really.  And this puts me at ten more blogs for the year to reach the 2014 goal. Not going to hit the stretch. It was a bit overly ambitious I think, but the actual goal is well within reach. Heck, holidays, elections, travel, and I could always tuck the Christmas letter in here if I need some padding.

You know padding, like doing a wrap up blog when you are sitting at 30 on the 31st.  That sort of padding.

So November goals? Let's see...

Get over this month long cold. That would be the top goal.

The rest will be gravy.


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