Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Late night last night with an early morning wake up call has left me not quite awake all day.

The funny thing is today I was going to listen to an IBP seminar I have on sleep disorders.

I need to listen to it before it expires in two days. I've had access to it for weeks and just haven't carved out the 6 hours I need to get it done.

Which is so dumb.

When I go to the seminars it's a full day. I drop Brent off, I go to the seminar, I leave there in time to pick Brent up. Full day chunked out. This time I registered for one of their web-based ones. I could have listened "live" but I had PT that day so figured I would just pick it up later. And then later got later. And then even later. And now I have two days before it expires.

And it's on sleep issues which is sort of important to me.

But I didn't listen today because I was too tired.

Which totally makes sense.

If you are me.

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