Thursday, April 10, 2014

When you dream...what do you dream about?

When I was growing up I shared a room with my sister. For quite a few years we shared a double bed as well. It wasn't until I was in middle school that we switched out to bunk beds. I think it was me sleeping on the floor that finally got my parents to realize that maybe my own bed would be a nice thing.

So anyway last night I had a dream that I was back in New Mexico clearing furniture and junk out of my old bedroom. The double bed was back, not the bunk beds. And it was the trailer, not the house my family lives in now. Which that makes sense (as much as anything in a dream makes sense) the trailer was my home, the place they live now never was. So anyway, the double bed gets picked up and moved out and there is a ton of junk under the bed. There is a picture somewhere from when Susan and I were younger, we were in the apartment on Eubank still, I think, and it's like a sitcom. The dividing line down the middle of the room. One side covered in layers and layers of junk and the other neat and tidy. You can guess which was my side. (hint, as soon as I am done writing this I'll be cleaning house)

So anyway, the bed is lifted out and there is junk and dust and obviously years of stuff that have been lost under the bed. And in among all of that is the desiccated remains of the biggest spider I have ever seen. Think Australia big. And it was orange. And had an extra section to its body. And I thought, "I knew it! This is what I heard before!" And I flashed back to trying to sleep and hearing a giant something or other scrambling under the bed. And I would catch fleeting shadows of it climbing the walls. This is obviously what that was. I wasn't crazy.

Or at least in the dream. Because I really had heard the thing scrambling and keeping me from sleep, not just last night. I had a nightmare around two weeks ago where I was back in New Mexico trying to get to sleep and couldn't because there was a thing in the room. As my eyes would close I would just get a glimpse of it running along the wall. I could hear it under the bed. Click clacking as it walked. In the dream I knew it was a giant spider but I could never see it directly. And I was not going to go looking for it under the bed.

But there it was last night. Making a special guest starring appearance in another dream. This time dead, dried out and starting to split in two. I knew I needed to pick it up and clean the area but didn't want to touch the body. Because just as much as I knew it was a spider in the first dream, just as much as the second dream was tied to the first, I knew that if I moved that body there were eggs under it that would hatch.

I'm not looking forward to the third dream....

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