Wednesday, January 29, 2014

It's nothing yet...

Driving around today running errands and the radio is on. Some days you notice the songs, some days you don't. Today was a notice day. For example, the song Taxi, the middle is a hot mess but the song never fails to make me cry. Or maybe not cry but mist up at least. "Another man might have been angry, well another man might have been hurt, but another man never would have let her go...I stashed the bill in my shirt."

Then I had to sit in the car and listen to Moonshadow before I could go in and buy bird seed. I have loved that song my entire life. "And if I ever lose my eyes, if my colors all run dry..." I have to think it has something to do with my philosophy of choosing happiness. Hell, who knows, maybe that's where it came from in the first place!

Then Imagine came on. C hates the song. Thinks it's trite. I remember being shocked when I first found that out. For me it was a turning point in my childhood. To hear someone even suggest there might not be a god? Or heaven? Or that wars might be fought BECAUSE of religion? Whoah... But then I had to admit if that wasn't your background it is a pretty hackneyed song after all. But I still turned it up and belted it out.

I also sang along to three different Elton John songs that came on. And a Destiny's Child song that I had just yesterday sent to someone as a link because it fit what they were going through. So that made me think of them and send out a well wish in to the Universe for them (yes I totally do that sort of shit). And then a Foo Fighters song came on and I sang to that and then the end of a Staind song...

And then Brown Eyed Girl came on. And as I started to sing a distinctly masculine voice rang through my head, "You know every brown-eyed girl thinks Brown Eyed Girl is her song right?" Oh...well there you go. That means there is a story brewing. I can see them now. It's a group sitting at a table in a bar. Why is it so many of my stories take place in bars while I rarely go to them? I'm not sure yet where the rest of the conversation is going to take me, but I know it's coming. Tomorrow I will clean house and let my mind wander and see if he comes back to fill me in some more. But for now we just sing

Sha la la la la la la la la la la dee dah

La dee dah.

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