Monday, October 22, 2012

Month Two How Did I Do?

Okay, so yesterday was the end of the second month and I have to admit I was more than a little concerned about doing my measurements and tests. We all know that last month was a challenge (no pun intended) for me. I had a lot of injury time off, I realized that I had to cut back on the program to prevent even more injury time off and then all last week I was sick and didn't work out. All of that combined to me not really wanting to do the recap yesterday.

I debated pushing it by a week. Since I was off all of last week wouldn't it make sense to just pretend like it never happened and go from there? But it did happen so that felt like cheating. And yes, I know, it's my game and I get to make up the rules so technically there is no way to cheat, but it still felt a little cheap to do that so I took a deep breath and tested anyway just hoping that I didn't move backwards last month.


Well, I didn't move backwards. I lost a little weight, 1.6 pounds, so yes, just a little. But that puts me down 6 pounds overall and since I was thinking 10 total that's not bad at all for 1/3 of the way through the challenge. I also lost 2 1/2 inches overall. So I'm still pulling what I've got in, which is excellent. Though Brent did make fun of me for how I measure my biceps. Difference between men and women, I measure relaxed before the fitness tests, he would do the push ups first and measure it flexed if it was him. I am looking for smaller arms with more definition he is looking for larger. It was a funny moment.

And fitness tests, well lets cover all of that...
Seated reach is still in the "poor" range but I've increased another 1 1/2" so I am pleased with that. By the end of the six months if I can hit "average" I will be well pleased.

Resting Heart Rate is down to 60 BPM which is "excellent" for a woman my age.

My sit-ups in a minute went up by 4, I'm still in "good" but knocking on "excellent's" door. Hopefully next month.

I can still do squats for days and am well in to the "excellent" range for those. Which is nice because that's actually where I lost the inches this month. Hips and thighs, so they are shrinking without losing strength. Very important.

And the best for last! Push-ups went up by 8 pushing me into the "excellent" range. Now what this means is that this morning I did a second fitness test for myself in a full plank position instead of the girly version the fitness tests had me performing, so from here on out I will be testing myself from that baseline and we will see if I can get back up to "excellent" but in a full plank by the end.

Not going to lie, this morning's workout was tough. A week off with a cold made a difference I could feel today. But I made it all the way through, including those blasted weighted surrenders. I imagine by next Monday I won't even be able to notice the time off.

As you might have noticed I've dropped the weekly check ins now that I am a few months in to the challenge. I will still be checking in here and there as I feel like I have something to share progress or challenge-wise and of course I will be back here in 5 weeks to let you all know how I did (remember the program has a month at 5 weeks) . Starting the holiday season so it could get tricky from here.....

Month 3 plan:
I have a new Yoga DVD that has a different workout for every day. It should be interesting. So 25 minutes of yoga 5 days a week.
I am sticking with the Jillian DVDs. Not feeling that those are easy just yet... MWF for toning.
I bought a series of cardio DVDs to try out since I have been doing the same Zumba cardio for two months. There are 4 different work outs so those will fill in on Tuesday and Thursday.
Saturday is still an optional day. And it will be what ever I feel like doing if I chose to workout.

One third of the way through. Modified like crazy but still going. I am calling it a win.

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