Monday, October 1, 2012

And that ends week 7....

When I first started talking about doing this challenge a friend of mine told me that out of all of the stupid ideas and harebrained schemes I have had over the years this was probably one of the stupidest. See, I hate to work out. Always have. The only time I am consistent with it is when I am working out with C and he was on his way back to school when I started this challenge so that motivation would be gone. I view working out as something I have to do a few times a week to ensure that I can eat cake a few times a week as well. Not as something that I would ever do a few times a day just to see what muscles I could bring out. And this morning as I made excuse after excuse not to go downstairs and strap on the tennis shoes and pop in the DVDs his words came back to me. This is the stupidest idea I have ever had.

I wrote last week that I had finally broken the lose one week gain the next week cycle and just stayed flat last week. Well I stayed flat again this week as well. Hmmm...okay, I am not looking to lose weight, or at least much, so this is not a big deal. But weight loss is the easiest thing to track To see tangible results weekly. The other is slower going. Saturday night at dinner I was showing Brent my new barely there biceps muscles. For the first time he could start to see the definition in the muscle as well.  Seven weeks in and it's the first time he's really seeing any difference. And even then it's something that I had to point out to him. I'm still exhausted at the end of my workouts and pouring with sweat. It's hard, ya'll.

I'm 44 and my body complains about the work I am making it do. It likes that gentle workout, eat cake agreement we have come to over the years. The walks, the treadmill work, the light toning just to make sure my arms aren't still waving goodbye 5 minutes after you've left. It's comfortable. And comfort is good. Right? So what if I weigh a little more than I want to, it's a healthy weight for me and I look good, even if I say so myself. My blood work comes back fine every year, cholesterol is good, blood pressure is good. Why in the world should I care about the rest of it? Honestly? Why?

So then I put on my shoes, I went downstairs and I powered through all of my workouts back to back to back, knowing that the odds of finding my motivation twice today was someplace between slim and none. And two hours later when I finished, exhausted and pouring with sweat I gave myself the answer I gave him 8 weeks ago. Of course it will be super hard. The hard part is what makes it a challenge.

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