Monday, September 17, 2012

One month down 5 to go

This weekend marked the end of the first month of the 6 months of "what can I do?" fit program. So what did I do? I did a few things.

Weight was down 4.4 pounds. Not a lot but since it isn't the goal of this little endeavor that's okay. It dropped my BMI by a half a percent so that's good.

Overall I lost 4 3/4" off of me. That was pretty sweet. The toning and tightening is what I am really after so I will take the shrinkage.

I also added 4 sit-ups to the minute count and 3 inches to my stretch reach. Sit-ups are still in the average zone but barely. And the reach is still poor but I am pretty thrilled about an added 3 inches of flexibility. The best thing? I increased the number of push ups I can do by 50%. Moved from average to good in that little category as well. The end goal is to be doing full on plank push-ups instead of girly ones for the fitness test, but for the first month that's pretty fabulous in my book.

So what next? Well I'm changing up the routine. Don't want to get complacent. So I switched out Karen Voight for Jillian Michaels this month. Oh my goodness...I forgot how hard her stuff is. I have a feeling I will spend the first few weeks fairly miserable. I keep telling myself it's a good sore...we will see how long I can keep believing that. I have things on her first DVD (No More Trouble Zones) that I cannot do. Literally at all. Not modified, not adapted, not at all. But I remember at the beginning of last month saying how thrilled I would be when I could do the Karen Voight Yoga Strength workout all the way through and I made it to that goal (and was appropriately thrilled) so I am optimistic that I will make it to this one.  Worst case scenario I do these videos for two months instead of one. Tomorrow I do her 6 week Six Pack ab routine. I am pre-ouching...

So goals for the next 5 weeks (remember they count a month as five instead of four). Keep doing what I am doing and keep an eye out for over working myself. Yes, I need to remember to be realistic. I missed 4 work out days last month due to illness/injury and I would rather not miss more, but I need to make sure to take the time off if I need it. Brent and I were talking this weekend about the changes from when we were younger. Things you could suck up and work through in your 20s and even 30s just don't work through any more. They compound. Oh, you have a tweaky knee and you kept working? Here, have a wonky hip and a thrown back to go with it then....

I will remeasure and rephotograph (oh yes, there are pictures, I'm just not brave enough to show them) and re do the fitness tests then and let you all know how fabulous it went.

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