Saturday, August 11, 2012

Latest potential obsession....

Okay, so anyone who knows me and knows how I tend to make decisions knows that I am a muller.  Ideas hit me all of the time and I grab some and discard them quickly but the ones that seem like they might have potential I mull over for awhile before I decide. And then I usually set a future date to start to make sure I am prepared and that I really want to do it before I start. So the latest thing came to me the other day and I am in the mulling stage right now. I've mentioned it out loud to Brent once to see if it sounded ridiculous coming out of my mouth and I've started thinking about what it would look like in my life on a daily basis as well.

So you know when you are watching movies and the actors are all in such fabulous shape? Or the latest trend (which actually makes me nuts and I will rant about it if you bring it up so you probably don't want to) with female celebrities getting their "bodies back" just a few months after giving birth? Every time we see something like that Brent and I both say, "well, it's their job." Because it sort of is. Looking good is part of the skill set they have to keep current to keep working. Learning lines, getting cast for parts, working out. Those are all parts of their jobs. And depending on the movie or TV show they are in they have to devote more or less time to the part of their job which is keeping in shape.

So last week while I was pondering my latest round with weight and what to do about it I thought to myself, "What if it was my job?" Which then led to thinking about what if I took 6 months and treated it like it was my job? What changes could I make in my body? What benefits could I get? How seriously could I treat it? Not getting too skinny, which is a problem. Not letting myself off the hook completely, which is another problem. But really and truly treating it like it's an actual job. Food, exercise, all around health.

Now, of course, the biggest road block to this is motivation. How do you keep motivated every day to work out? I'm not one of those people that love to work out. I work out so I can eat and not be the size of a house. And how do you motivate yourself to make the dietary changes everyday when your six months covers Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and the Bowl Games? Yes, Bowl Games are food holidays in my house, you have your celebrations I have mine. Not to mention Beaverton Bakery nights at the hockey games. And for me how do you do the dietary changes like that without going too strict, as I have been known to do more than a few times.

So these are the parts that I am mulling right now. When I brought it up to Brent he said "Go for it, make it half your job. You write for half, you work out for half. That way when you do your book tours you look the way you want to." Have I ever mentioned how much it makes me smile that my husband just assumes I will be successful in what ever I choose to do? I have enough self doubt at times for three people so it's nice that he is pretty sure what ever I set my mind to I will be fabulous at.

So I am mulling. And starting to think of plans. Where would I start? What would I add and when to keep things moving along? How many hours a day would I devote to this? How much planning (meal and workout schedules) would I need to do? And where would I do that? I am a pen and paper planner. It makes people laugh that I still have a calendar I carry and write things in. I've tried the electronic, but I don't care for them. You only use what you like and what works for you right? Electronic just doesn't seem to be for me in this arena.

It fits nicely in with the limiting down my Facebook time. Which is going along slowly but consistently less and less, thanks for asking. If I have a weight in each hand I can't really be checking my phone for Facebook updates now can I? And it works with writing,  but everything works with writing so that's not a huge stretch. But I am thinking, breakfast, drop Brent off, first work out of the day, clean up myself, write, lunch, house chores, second workout, pick up Brent, dinner, relax....pretty easy schedule with flexibility depending on what chores and errands need run. Potential for combining second work out with errands on days that the errand is going to the store.  Weekends would be a little trickier, maybe pick back up hiking and make Brent hike with me since he likes it as well. Hmmm....things to think about.

So what do you think? Realistic challenge or pipe dream? And am I just mulling this because Fall is always my season of change so I am just following my own personal rhythms and it will fade in a few weeks on it's own?

What things are you mulling over right now? Any potential new obsessions on your horizon?


  1. I just moved past "mulling" into "action" today. Just budget/money stuff, but been trying to get it under control for a while.

    I think treating it like a job is a great idea. Whatever mind set you need to keep you going. So much of that battle is in your mind. The best part is you have the time to do it, so take full advantage of it!

    1. Yep. I started writing down my starting stats this morning. As Brent put it..."shit just got serious" :-) I've got the start of the plan in my head and we will see where it leads me.

    2. Good for you on getting the budget in to place! Getting that under control will make you feel so much better.