Saturday, June 2, 2012

Whoosh whoosh whoosh....

So I have to confess when I said I was going to write this blog I got "the look" from C.  It's not stopping me from writing it, but he isn't amused that I am writing it.  But I am.  And really, isn't that what matters?  ;-)

When C was born we got all of the warnings from people about having a boy. Oh! They are so much energy! They are so hard to keep up with! Prepare to be exhausted! And well...he was a lot of work, in his own way. He did seem to have energy to go and go but he wasn't ever one of those kids that was climbing the cupboards as soon as your back was turned or running around in circles just to waste energy. He was one of those kids that would tire you out with a million and one but why questions. Or how? Or what if? He was a mentally exhausting child. And he didn't nap. From the time he was 2 we negotiated down time instead of naps. He had to stay in bed quietly with three books and after an hour (basically long enough for me to shower and clean up the house just a little) he could get up. But he only slept if he was sick. He also went right to bed at night without a fuss and went right to sleep. He woke up in the morning ready to face the day as well.  No slow grumpy wake up for him. We used to say it was like he had an on and off switch. It flipped off at bedtime and then back on first thing in the morning. He didn't sleep in. Ever. Now he is making up for that and it amazes me the hours he keeps...but college kids are nocturnal.

Anyway....along with this on and off switch he also has one speed. It took us a while to figure this one out. See, when you are in a hurry to get someplace you naturally move a little faster right? So we would tell him, hurry and get dressed and we will go do (insert fun thing here). And he would be very excited and make these whoosh whoosh whoosh type speed noises and move at exactly the same pace that he did before he "hurried". That has not changed.  A couple weeks ago he was going to capstone presentations at his former high school and overslept one morning. His dad noticed before we left and I woke him up and let him know he needed to get a move on to be ready to go in time. I took Brent to work and came back and C was just coming down for breakfast. Forty five minutes later. If he had woken up when the alarm went off and took the normal amount of time to get ready it would have taken him...yep, forty five minutes. Just one speed.

Like I said it took us a while to figure this out when he was little and sometimes we forget now that he is off to school and it's just the two of us most of the time. But we have to keep in mind that he needs about twice as long as we do to get ready to go someplace. It's just the way it works. We can fight it. We can rail against it. Or we can make whoosh whoosh whoosh noises and pretend that he is going faster.  For the record, he has stopped making the noises, it's just Brent and I that make them now. Because it amuses us. And really isn't that what is important?

Okay, that would have been an excellent ending line for this blog but I wanted to add one more part in interest of fair play. If C were writing a blog about getting ready and leaving to go someplace featuring his dear sweet mother instead of it being about whoosh whoosh whoosh noises it would feature.."I just want to do this (one more quick thing in my head but it will really take me about 5-10 minutes longer than I thought so instead of leaving early we are going to leave a little late and I will be speeding around traffic to get us there by the skin of our teeth) and then we will go." And if he were writing it featuring his dear old dad it would be "We are leaving at 9 (which of course means 8:45 so be ready to go by then or I will be pacing and sure that we are running late because you know your mother will want to try and fit in "one more thing" before we go and we MUST NOT LET HER or we will be late now stop making the whoosh noises and get ready!) so be in the car and ready to go by then.

Ah family....

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