Sunday, June 24, 2012

A little stumped....

Trying to think about what to write today. I have a Jerry Sandusky blog in my head to get out but I've been sort of ranty all weekend so I feel like I want to take a little bit of break from that. We went to go see Brave today so I could write about that but I really want to give people more time to see it before I do that one. I don't have any fiction snippets floating around in the gray matter so that's out. what should we talk about?

I bought a new bird feeder yesterday. Or I should say, Brent bought a new bird feeder for me. I kept saying I didn't really need one but then I would tell him about the birds in the tree right outside the study and so he decided that I really did want a feeder. And so now I have a new feeder. It's right outside the window that I face when I am on my computer. And I can't wait for the birds to discover it and start flocking to my feeder. So I guess he was right after all and I did want a new feeder.

Let's see...what else? Movies left for the summer...well...Ted opens next week then Spiderman then The Dark Knight. There are some other maybes in there but those are the for sures. Two comic books and an foul mouth teddy bear. Yeah, I'm highbrow when it comes to my entertainment. Don't doubt.

I'm reading Stephen Hawking's The Grand Design right now. Reading Hawking always makes me feel simultaneously smart and stupid. I feel really smart when I understand a point that he is making and then really stupid when I realize that he and his writing partner have dumbed down simplified everything they are talking about just so I would be able to understand it all. But that's okay. I always walk away from his works with a lot to think about and ponder and try to figure out.

It seems like there is a lot of strife going on with my friends lately. I have friends going through divorce, cancer, bankruptcy, the loss of a child, unemployment, ill parents, unexpected house repairs, depression and all manner of ennui.  It seems like there is a lot of joy going on with my friends lately. I have friends who are getting married, expecting children, just got promotions, bought a smoking hot new car, about to be grandparents, lost a lot of weight, moved into a fabulous new house, celebrating anniversaries, celebrating birthdays and just plain happy to be alive.

So I guess that's enough for today. Seems like a pretty decent lazy Sunday blog to me. The sort of conversation you would have while lounging around with friends after a trip to the beach, or a hike in the woods, or catching the matinee at the local theater. Nothing deep, nothing complicated, just the buzz of a pleasant conversation going on all around you.

Oh, and I will be back to ranty tomorrow probably. Just so you know.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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