Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Oh it's a two parter...

This blog (edit, now it's blogs, this just turned in to a two part discussion) will discuss politics and religion. You can back out now and I won't be offended. If you stay though you might be. Just remember it's my blog so my opinion is the one I am representing. If someone wants their opinions represented then they should write their own blog.  Just saying....

Okay all of that out of the way let's get started. It's political season which is the worst season in the United States. Every four years we get the worst of the worst of political season. This is one of those seasons. And honestly I think it has gotten progressively worse each year. I'm going to touch on a few things that have been in the recent news cycle and then move on to the blog I've been planning on writing since the last round of failed budget talks.

You all know about Rush and his latest incident. His three day rampage against a woman who dared testify before congress. You know he called her a slut, a prostitute and demanded that she put up the videos of her having sex on YouTube so we could all watch. After he started losing advertisers he apologized. Sort of. Dear Prudence actually did a lovely breakdown of his non apology letter. I know, I know, my more conservative friends are right now bemoaning the fact that the link goes to Slate.com so of course we can't trust it! Get over it...my blog...my links...and it's well done.

I wrote on Facebook that my issue with Rush was not just that he was attacking a private citizen who testified before congress but also that he was spreading misinformation. And I keep seeing this over and over and over. Let's just make it perfectly clear for a moment, ensuring that insurance covers birth control is not the same thing as giving away birth control for free. I am covered under Brent's insurance plan.  Which means we pay a premium for my insurance. Then when I get a prescription filled we pay a deductible for that. (technically our insurance works a little differently but I don't want to get in to all of the varieties of insurance plans that are out there, but suffice it to say, it's not free at all). This is not a government program. Your tax dollars are not covering birth control. This is an insurance issue.

And even if the co-pay portion for the pill is waived (one of the options being discussed) over all insurance companies save money (it costs a lot more to cover a birth and then the healthcare expenses for the child then it does to cover birth control in the first place). As do tax payers. How you ask? Well who do you think foots the bill for an unplanned pregnancy when the parents can't afford that child? If you are really and truly concerned with your tax dollars being saved you should be in favor of free birth control. (I'm going to swing back to this in a minute bear with me as I have one more rant to dish out before I move on.)

Then the next wave of Rush issues came up when it was revealed that *gasp* Bill Maher is a giant tool! Yes, that was the defense of Rush. That Maher said bad things about Sarah Palin so it was only understandable that Rush could say bad things about Fluke. Then the Right Wing Press Machine, or  Fox News, raised the fevered pitch that Maher was being given a pass by the Liberal Media because he is a comedian! They actually said, "He's being absurd, but that's you know an entertainer can be absurd."  Oh wait...that's not what the Liberal Media said about Maher, that's what presidential hopeful Rick Santorum said about Limbaugh. Hmmm...  There was even a little video clip put out about Maher sending money to a Super Pac for Obama showing all of the headlines that hit when Maher used the "c" word to describe Palin, while at the same time the video was decrying the fact that he got no flack for doing so.  You just showed all of the headlines from the time of people being offended! Pick a line and stick with it.

Where do I stand on the issue? The scale is different between what Maher did and what Limbaugh did. The target was different as well.  I am not talking about conservative versus liberal, I am talking about public versus private citizen. Testifying before congress does not equal running for office, starring in your own reality show, working as a commentator on the news and playing will she won't she with the media for months at a time. It's not the same for a political humorist (I really use that term loosely as I don't find Maher to be funny) to use a shocking word to emphasize his brand of humor during an act as it is for a political commentator to go on a three day rampage against a woman who dared testify before congress. I'm sorry, but it is different. All of that being said, I think if you are offended by Bill Maher you have (had? after all it was a year ago he said it) the right to talk about how offensive you found it.  BUT and here is the GIANT BUT...it does not excuse Rush Limbaugh.

I've said it before and I will say it again. There is very little in the political world that drives me as crazy as justifying bad behavior with, "They do it too!" You don't put up with it from your kids, you shouldn't put up with from your politicians or your pundits. When anyone tries to justify their bad behavior by pointing out someone else did the same or worse, or similar or what ever your response should be..."And your point is? I am not Jimmy's mother, I don't care what Jimmy does." Sound familiar?  Don't let yourself get sidetracked by justification for bad behavior. And one more quick point, if Bill Maher is where you set the bar for acceptable behavior, bend over pick the bar up from the floor and move it up a bit would you? He is offensive. He is a douchebag. He is misogynistic. All my opinion of him.  And as he is a public citizen I feel very free giving my opinion of him.  See how that works?

Okay now back to birth control and the issues that are surrounding it in this election cycle.  But I seem to have reached the end of my space for this blog...hmmm..maybe I should have Planned a little better....

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