Thursday, September 29, 2011

Not the day I had planned....

For those of you that are friends on Facebook you know yesterday was not the day I had planned. The funny thing is when I picked up Brent and he said that he had seen I had a bad day I had to say that I really hadn't. It wasn't the day I had planned, and a lot didn't go right, but it wasn't really bad. Off and odd but not bad.

So the plan for the day was to go to my dermatologist appointment, talk to her about the medications she has me on and the side effects I am having, see what needed done with that then go home and switch things to my new purse and work on a project I am under a deadline to get done. If I got enough done on my project then I was thinking I would treat myself to a pedicure.

Instead I went to my appointment found out that the lab work I had done the week before was the wrong lab work so I needed to get another blood draw. Good news was I didn't need to fast for this one so I could just go do it that day. While I was at the doctor's office I asked her about a spot on my arm that seemed to be off. It was a mole but it had started bleeding, scabbing, bleeding, scabbing never healing up. She said that wasn't good so off it was going to go. Surprise! You are having a biopsy done today! Needle in the arm, punch and done.

So then I headed home to put on some makeup (no make up to the dermatologist but until the dermatologist works her magic makeup for every place else!) then back out to the lab. When I got to the lab the phlebotomist made a joke about me already being stuck since I had a bandage on my left arm. Then she saw the bruise on my right arm from where they drew blood last week. It was a bad draw and the bruise is still pretty good sized. She was a little embarrassed that that had happened in their lab but I was thinking, the fact that wrong labs were run is the part you should be embarrassed about. Not her fault though on either thing. She spent some time finding a new vein in my arm to draw from and did a very clean draw. Just a needle mark this morning, no bruise at all.

Off to get gas. The new Fred Meyer gas station is near the place I thought I was having lunch and near the place I could get a pedicure so I went there. I get .10 a gallon off my gas by using them. Which always sounds so much better until you realize you only saved like $1.30. Anyway, they designed the new station with super short hoses so you have to have the pump on the side your tank is on, which leads to cars pulling in every which way.  So I ended up face to face with another car and we both finished at the same time. Now I have to go around him or he around me to start. I can't go around him because two cars are behind him and one is blocking the lane to leave so until he pulls out and they can pull forward I am stuck. But he won't look in his rear view mirror and see this, he wants me to move first so he doesn't have to cut out as sharply. He is gesturing at me, not in a nice "you go first" sort of way, but in a "MOVE!" sort of way. So I did the point at the truck blocking the lane behind him hold your hands up in a "What do you want me to do?" move and he finally got it.  Though I am pretty sure he called me a name as he drove by. Subaru Driver.

So off I went in search of lunch. I decided I would treat myself to some cheap Mexican food. There has been an ad on TV the past few weeks for what are essentially taquito bites. Looked good! The problem was we have way too many cheap taco places. I knew it wasn't Taco Bell, thought maybe it was Del Taco so I tried there first, nope not it. So I thought...Taco del Mar? Nope not it either. Oh well it's late I will go get an egg salad at Starbucks instead...they were out so back to Taco del Mar. It was Taco Time that had the special, by the way.

I ended up behind a group of guys on their lunch break. Here is a life lesson for you. If you are ordering food in a place that needs to ask you a lot of questions (black, pinto or refried beans, chicken, pork or beef, corn or flour, here or to go?) do not get so engrossed in your text conversation that you are ignoring the person trying to help you. If your text is so important duck out of line until you are done then order your food. Oh and to the guy behind me...If you are ordering something off menu don't be a dick when the person waiting on you has no idea what you are talking about. Even if you have "Ordered this 100 times!" and if you have ordered it 100 times I suggest you branch out a little. So being the normal person in between the two jerks I was extra nice to the people working there. Not that I wouldn't have been nice anyway, but you know that nice you are to people to sort of make up for the fact that someone near you was a jerk. And I think they both appreciated it. At least they were very nice to me as well. In that so relieved I wasn't a raging bitch sort of way.

So I walk over to the nail salon to see if they can do a pedicure. Yay! They can, I go back out to the car to get my box and my shoes and see...Holy crap!  What the heck is this thing?? Yep, it's a nail. In my brand new tire. So I text Brent to see if he thought Les Schwab would have our tires (they are next to the nail place) and he calls them, calls the BMW place and gets an appointment set up for me to get the tire replaced that still gives me time to get my pedicure! Nice! So after explaining again and again that I just wanted the plain pedicure, no hot stone, not deluxe massage, no little flowers, yes I know it's a plain light color it's what I meant for them to look like...I was done and back on the road to the dealership.

Spent an hour at the dealership replacing my tire. Did I mention it was brand new? Okay, I exaggerate, it was about 3 months old...and then dashed home to change shoes, pedicure flip flops are not meant to be worn for long, then back to pick up Brent. No new purse, no work on the project. But as I said, when he said he was sorry I had a bad day I had to tell him it wasn't bad.

I got a biopsy that will either turn out to be nothing or it will turn out that I really needed it removed, either way better for my health and state of mind. I had a decent blood draw that didn't hurt or bruise. I got .10 a gallon off of my gas. I got lunch out. I got a pedicure. I had time to read an entire book. Which I might add I got an extra kick out of....the first time I read book 5 of the Sookie books I hadn't yet read the Shakespeare mystery series so the fact that the private eye was Lily Bard didn't mean a thing to me, this time I laughed and felt like I was seeing an old friend! And because the day was a little off we went out for sushi for dinner. Not a bad day at all really. Just not the day I had planned.

So today I worked on my project, it's mostly done just letting some ideas settle to see if I change some things around. I looked into changing my purse and realized I need to pick something up at Target before I do so and I am off to the last of my above the neck doctor's appointments this week. So far so good.

I hope you are all having good days. Even if they are off script!

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